Philip Selway – “Coming Up For Air”

Philip Selway – “Coming Up For Air”

Radiohead drummer Philip Selway will release Weatherhouse, his follow-up to 2010 solo debut Familial, this fall. The lead single is “Coming Up For Air,” which could definitely pass for something Thom Yorke wrote except it’s sung in breathy, slightly muted tones instead of quavering superhuman falsetto. It matches atmospherics with rhythmic tension to hypnotic effect, and it further cements my belief that Selway’s contributions to his main band can never be undervalued. Listen below.

Weatherhouse is out 10/7 on Bella Union. Tracklist:

01 “Coming Up For Air”
02 “Around Again”
03 “Let It Go”
04 “Miles Away”
05 “Ghosts”
06 “It Will End In Tears”
07 “Don’t Go Now”
08 “Drawn To The Light”
09 “Waiting For A Sign”
10 “Turning It Inside Out”

Selway will also perform new music he composed for a series of Merce Cunningham “Events” with Rambert Dance Company beginning this weekend in London. Get more info here.

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