This Year’s ACL Will Have Lavish “Golden Porta Potty”

Porta Potties are the grossest thing about music festivals — you walk in, hold your nose, make sure you don’t step in any vomit, and get out as quickly as humanly possible. Austin City Limits is trying to change that. Enter the Golden Porta Potty. Featuring air conditioning, imported Egyptian toilet paper, and a live feed of the festival, you can now take care of business in style. You can even charge your phone, which is arguably even more valuable. The only thing missing is a novelty red “occupied” sign on the door, but I assume there will probably be a bouncer outside making sure everyone gets a chance to sit on the golden throne. Watch a video introduction for the GPP below.

Austin City Limits takes place over two weeks in October and tickets are available now. There’s also a giveaway going on to win ten single-day tickets and ten private Golden Porta Potty passes.