Canadians In Cars Getting Coffee: Watch Deadmau5 Take Rob Ford Out For A Quintuple Espresso

Last month, Rob Ford made his return to office as the mayor of Toronto after a stint in rehab and after losing many of his actual mayoral powers in the midst of a crack-cocaine scandal. But in the latest episode of the series Coffee Run, Ford spends some time with Deadmau5 in the superstar DJ’s Nyan Cat Ferrari (the “Purrari”). While you might jump in to the video expecting discussions about drugs, or how much Arcade Fire suck, it’s a very mellow 30 minutes. The two mostly talk about cars, traffic, and coffee, as they make their way to Tim Hortons where Deadmau5 gets an extra-large double-double (the internet tells me this is Canadian for “two sugars, two creams”) and Ford orders “five expressos [sic] in one cup.” Watch it below.