Beastie Boys’ Mike D Remembers The ’90s: Watch Him Talk Tupac, Grunge Fashion, “Sabotage” Video

Beastie Boy Mike D recently sat for a series of short but packed-full-of-stuff video interviews with Vanity Fair, all of them about the pop culture of the ’90s, a time when Mike and his group were absolute kings. He doesn’t exactly say anything new in these videos, but the way he leaves all this stuff out there is undeniably engaging. In the first video, he talks about Tupac and Biggie, and the weirdness that came with being a rapper who wasn’t particularly interested in the East Coast/West Coast rivalry during that time. In the second, he hits a grab-bag of topics: The Arsenio Hall Show, grunge fashion, zines. And in the third, he talks about the making of the Beasties’ “Sabotage” video, and how the ’90s were the time when people were finally ready to engage with the culture of the ’70s. Watch all three videos below.

Watching these really drives home what a lost opportunity I Love The ’90s was.