Sophie – “Hard”

Sophie – “Hard”

DiS Magazine’s Rinse FM show has been required listening for electronic music fans in 2014. Their six-way DISown mix acted as a showcase for the greatest hits of PC Music; it comprises one of the best hours of music you’ll hear this year. Now DIS leader Finn Diesel has hosted a two-hour mix featuring Soda Plain, PC Music acolyte Danny L Harle, with a main act appearance from SOPHIE. The entire thing is essential listening from the second it starts (with a fun sampling of Girlfriend Of The Year’s recent material, before falling into a version of “Call Me Maybe” that’s even more chopped apart than the one Saint Pepsi dropped last year).

The crown jewel of the mix, however, comes when SOPHIE mixes in the new song “Hard,” the B-side to the sugar rush of last week’s “Lemonade.” There has always been a creepiness to SOPHIE’s music, but it has come more as a subtext to the cloyingly sweet content. On “Hard,” though, that sound is paired with sections that apply the same rubbery, warped beats to dissonant and aggressive sounds. Head to 1:22:00 to hear it.

UPDATE: Here’s “Hard,” isolated.

“Lemonade”/”Hard” is out 8/5 via NUMBERS.

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