Here’s A Joy Division x Star Trek T-Shirt For The Post-Punk/Sci-Fi Fan In Your Life

Joy Division were one of the first bands in England to play post-punk instead of merely punk, and Worf (portrayed by actor Michael Dorn) was one of the first Klingons in the Star Trek universe to be portrayed as a protagonist instead of merely a villain. Now the two have come together in a beautiful and touching tribute to Worf, Joy Division, and the artwork of Peter Saville, via a t-shirt idea on Threadless. To the extent that I understand the mechanics of Threadless, this design was submitted by user Nick O’Gorman back in 2012 but did not receive a high enough user score to be sold as a t-shirt in the store. This week, the page attracted additional interest via social media. But you still can’t actually buy the shirt! Which is kind of poignant when you think about it: Like Joy Division themselves, this piece of apparel inspires so many “what if”s. I’m sorry Mr. Worf, not now.