Charli XCX – “Break The Rules”

If Charli XCX’s 2014 had ended yesterday it would have been an unequivocally successful year for the singer/songwriter, but there’s still three and a half months to go, and today, Charli put another notch in the win column with the release of “Break The Rules” — one of the most straightforward songs she’s ever recorded, and one of the best. There’s some Joan Jett in here, and some Skrillex, and it’s fucking awesome. It’s gonna be on her October LP, Sucker, but the timing of the single’s release couldn’t be better. The song’s chorus — “I don’t want to go to school/ I just want to break the rules” — might serve as something of an anthem to a few hundred million students for whom the return of school is, like, two weeks away. Listen.

(Via Buzzfeed)

Sucker is out 10/21 via Neon Gold/Atlantic Records.

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