Quit Your Day Job

Quit Your Day Job: Lemonade

Quit Your Day Job is a series that ran on Stereogum from 2007 to 2013, and in that space, we talked to dozens of indie artists — from Girl Talk to the National to Deerhunter to the Hold Steady — about the work they did when not making music, the things they did to make, y’know, money. Today, we’re bringing back QYDJ … in video form!

Brooklyn-via-San Francisco indie-dance trio Lemonade have been around since 2005, during which time they’ve released a pair of LPs — their 2008 self-titled album and 2012’s Diver — as well as the 2010 Pure Moods EP. They’re about to release their third full-length, Minus Tide, from which we’ve already heard three lovely singles, “Stepping,” “Orchid Bloom,” and “Come Down Softly.” Along with making music, the members of Lemonade — Callan Clendenin, Ben Steidel, Alex Pasternak — have day jobs in their neighborhood in Brooklyn: Ben works at Co-Op 87 Records, Callan works at the vintage-clothing store Beacon’s Closet, and Alex is a DJ. We spent a day in Greenpoint with the men of Lemonade, talking to them about their music, their home, and the things they do to make ends meet.

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