It’s understandable that LVL UP haven’t released an album in three years, as they’ve been busy as hell running their label, Double Double Whammy, but that’s not all. The Brooklyn-based band has been working on its forthcoming Hoodwink’d for the last couple of years, and the results are seriously exciting. We already heard “Soft Power,” and their newest single, “DBTS,” is an even grander dose of soaring power pop. The hard work shows. “DBTS” is a huge step forward in not just recording quality, but songwriting and plain old musical chops (just listen to that guitar meltdown in the last 30 seconds). It’s a huge song, and another reason to be tuning into what these guys have coming. Listen below.

Hoodwink’d is out 9/23 via Double Double Whammy/Exploding In Sound. Pre-order it here.

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