Girl Band – “I Love You” (Beat Happening Cover)

Girl Band doesn’t actually have any girls in it, just so you know. The Dublin-based four-piece has put out a number of grungy post-punk-informed limited releases since their inception in 2012, and one six-song 12″. Their cover of ’80s indie pop trio Beat Happening’s “I Love You” is the B-side to Girl Band’s new single, “De Bom Bom,” set to be a limited edition release of 500 7″ records this fall. It’s the followup to January’s similarly exclusive “Lawman.” “I Love You” is a vaguely apathetic, grunting wail of a song that’s quite emotive despite the flatly delivered lyrics. A louder, slower, and altogether more mobile take on the original, Girl Band’s version seems more ruled by the roll of guitar riffs and repeating bass progressions that fade behind Beat Happening’s innocuous words. Hear their rendition below.

“De Bom Bom” is out 9/1 on Dublin’s own Any Other City. No news yet on Girl Band’s debut full-length album, but most of their songs can be downloaded for free on their Bandcamp.

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