Nai Harvest – “Buttercups” Video

We named Nai Harvest a Band To Watch because they’re fucking great, and your latest chance to witness that greatness in action is their new video for “Buttercups” from their recent split 12-inch with Playlounge. The band tells Crack, “Washing machines are cool dude! At the time Ed Crisp; who shot the video, had the idea of putting flowers in a washing machine then we decided to hit the laundrette to keep a little theme going. But, now you mention it thinking a little deeper I guess it’s a hint towards our album. That may sound weird but you’ll get it when it’s out.” Mysterious thematic foreshadowing aside, it’s a neat portrait of the Sheffield duo and an introduction to their most recent sonic evolution. They’ve already grown from twinkly emo to shoegazey alt-rock, and is that a touch of Oasis I’m now hearing in their fuzzed-out guitar pop? It’s essentially a conglomeration of everything good about melodic ’90s guitar music, so go ahead and watch below.

The Nai Harvest/Playlounge split it out now on Dog Knights. Order it here.