The 5 Best Videos Of The Week


The 5 Best Videos Of The Week


If you’ve noticed a higher-than-average number of weird EDM videos in this space lately, it’s not because I’m suddenly trawling Electric Daisy Carnival messageboards. It’s because someone clued me into the existence of IMVDb, a thorough and valuable resource for discovering videos that would’ve otherwise skated right past my awareness. And a good number of those videos are EDM, which sometimes has a music-video culture as rich and inventive as any, even if the music can be fearfully formulaic. This week’s picks are below.

5. Chastity Belt – “Black Sail” (Dir. Maegan Houang)

I don’t know how Maegan Houang heard an achingly pretty indie song and thought “Oregon trail zombie attack,” but I’m glad she did.

4. I See MONSTAS – “Circles” (Dir. Josh Cole)

Another weird jump, wherein a faux-Coldplay EDM ballad becomes a bloody British gangster melodrama and the world is all the richer for it.

3. Berner – “All In A Day” (Feat. YG, Young Thug & Vital) (Dir. David Camarena)

There are few things that hit my in my nerd happy place harder than a well executed posse-cut rap video, whether or not the person at the center of said posse cut is just some boring Wiz Khalifa associate. Young Thug is becoming more like a glam-rock velociraptor every day, and it is glorious.

2. Ten Walls – “Walking With Elephants” (Dir. Nez)

What are those aquatic jetboot gimmicks that turn human beings into dolphins, and where can I get a pair?

1. clipping. – “Inside Out” (Dir. Carlos Lopez Estrada)

The greatest lyric video of all time, a benchmark this video sets without flashing a single word of text across the screen.

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