Field Report – “Decision Day”

“Decision Day” is the first song on Field Report’s sophomore effort Marigolden. It’s melancholy motorik country rock that splits the difference between the translucently brooding “Wings” and the wistfully uptempo “Home (Leave The Lights On).” As Chris Porterfield sings about getting carried out to sea, weathered voice sounds like grains of sand drifting in the tide. Meanwhile, the music builds slowly but never rises above a steady pulse, as if its narrator is learning to breath slowly and take it all in. It’s yet another fine selection from this album, one that works well as an album opener or as an introduction to Field Report. Here’s what Porterfield told CMT Edge about it:

The narrator has been stuck, mired in some situation. And the more she fights it based on instinct, the worse it gets. She’s chewing her limbs off. But she woke up one day and found a secret to navigate all of this, and it’s submission… Rhythm is how we know where we are. It gives us context. We can navigate to the next point if we can push off from the previous one. There’s rhythm all around us. Every morning is rhythm. The tides are rhythm. Feeling that lets us know that there is more to what surrounds us than just us. And hearing it pulls us in.

Let “Decision Day” sweep you away below.

Marigolden is out 10/7 on Partisan.

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