Terror Pigeon – “Forget Everything That Makes You Want To Not Be This Band”

A few weeks back, Nashville-based music collective Terror Pigeon released “Girl!,” an ebullient and anthemic track that quickly became one of my favorites of the year. They’ve followed that up with “Forget Everything That Makes You Want To Not Be This Band,” a more subdued but no less affecting take on the band’s posi-vibe worldview. Built on a jazzy backbone and a Sharpless-worthy hook, Terror Pigeon get the most out of their repetition of key phrases. Stuff like “Don’t worry, man, we’ll be alright” and “knowing fully that this world was made for kids like us” — things that would sound naïve if they didn’t wholly believe every word. The song’s a reflection on the joys of being in a band and, in a broader sense, about finding a community where you fit in. It contains some nods to their non-stop touring schedule, going from house show to house show because there’s no place they’d rather be. And the song’s title holds true: you do want to be this band, to know every single one of the people that are mentioned throughout. You want to “feel truly home,” as frontman Neil Fridd sings. The band’s all about inclusivity, about not wanting anyone to feel alone, and that comes through so strongly in their music that it’s intoxicating. Listen below.

Live It Up Before You Die It Up! is out 9/23 via Stay Magical. You can pre-order vinyl here.