John Southworth – “Butterfly Shadow”

Today, UK-born, Toronto-based avant chamber-pop artist John Southworth releases a down-tempo track from his latest solo album, Niagara. “Butterfly Shadows” is on the Canadian side of the double LP, which is split into two halves: a nine-track Canadian side and an eleven-track American side, based on what Southworth felt best emulated each country’s musical styles. The experimental way of organizing the album reflects the dynamic between towns surrounding Niagara Falls in both nations. “Butterfly Shadows” is an ethereal, jazzy song with mellow synths accented by the occasional clinking of a xylophone and a saxophone interlude; the disparity of sounds makes Southworth’s musical style difficult to pigeonhole. Like Niagara Falls itself, the music is something you simply have to experience. Listen.

Niagara is out soon via Tin Angel.