Hyperdub 10.4 Comp Has Previously Unreleased Burial

Hyperdub 10.4 Comp Has Previously Unreleased Burial

Hyperdub has been celebrating its 10th birthday in a huge way this year with the release of four massive compilations. They’ve saved the most exciting news for the last one, too. Hyperdub 10.4 will open with an unreleased track from Burial. It’s all being kept very tightly under wraps. The title has not been released, and press promos sent out today don’t even include the track. All we do know is a new song by Burial exists, and that alone is newsworthy. Below you can read a brief statement about the song from Hyperdub, which will probably do nothing to quench your desire to hear it.

“The new material kicks of with a long awaited, previously unreleased track by Burial, with an unusually triumphant and, compared to recent extended montages, relatively direct 2 step feel.”

Below, check out the track listing which also has a wonderful selection of songs from artists who aren’t Burial.

CD 1:
01. Burial -
02. Cooly G – “Him Da Biz”
03. Ossie + Phrh – “Ugly Observation”
04. Funkystepz – “Vice Versa”
05. Walton – “Laser War”
06. Kode9 – “Oh”
07. Ikonika – “Position VIP”
08. Funkystepz – “Fuller VIP”
09. Martyn – “Mega Drive Generation” (Dorian Concept Rmx)
10. Fhloston Paradigm – “The Phoenix T”
11. DVA – “Monophonic Dreams”
12. Jessy Lanza – “Fuck Diamond” (Bambounou Rmx)
13. Cooly G – “Love Again”
14. Kyle Hall – “Kaychunk”

CD 2:
01. Burial – “Street Halo”
02. Kode9 & the Spaceape – “Love Is the Drug”
03. Cooly G – “Love Dub Refix”
04. Walton – “Need to Feel”
05. Darkstar – “Gold” (John Roberts remix)
06. DVA – “Step 2 Funk”
07. LV – “boomslang” [ft. Okmalumkoolkat]
08. Ill Blu – “Bellion”
09. DVA – “Walk it Out”
10. Cooly G – “Narst”
11. Walton – “808 Vybzin”
12. Laurel Halo – “Noyfb”
13. DVA – “Polyphonic Dreams”
14. Laurel Halo – “Chance of Rain”

Hyperdub 10.4 is out 11/4 via Hyperdub.

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