R.I.P. The Spaceape

Stephen Samuel Gordon — best known for his vocal work as the Spaceape — died today after a five-year struggle with cancer. Hypderdub just announced the news via its Facebook page. Gordon is survived by his wife, Luciana, and 6-year-old daughter, Cleo. Gordon was an integral part of the Hypderdub family, literally from day one. Coincidentally he played a role on both the first single and the first album ever released by the iconic label (which is celebrating its 10 year anniversary). Gordon was the only guest vocalist featured on a Burial album; he sang on and was the namesake of “Spaceape,” from 2006’s Burial. Hyperdub’s first single, “Sine Of The Dub,” featured Gordon’s deathly spoken word over Kode9’s murky dubstep production — it was the beginning of a long-running working relationship that produced multiple albums and many singles. That partnership was active as recently as last week, when the pair released the new EP Killing Season. Below you can check out some of those iconic performances, watch the video for “The Devil Is A Liar” (filmed earlier this summer), and read the full statement from Hyperdub.

We are devastated to announce that on Thursday 2nd October, Stephen Samuel Gordon aka The Spaceape, vocalist, poet and live performer, passed away peacefully after a 5 year struggle with a rare form of cancer. He leaves behind his wife Luciana and 6 year old daughter, Cleo. His first release was the 1st release on Hyperdub, ‘Sine of the Dub’ in 2004 with Kode9, with whom he also released 2 albums, Memories of the Future (2006) and Black Sun (2011). In 2012 he also self-released the Xorcism EP, appeared on the track ‘Spaceape’ on Burial’s debut album in 2006, and also collaborated with The Bug, Martyn, Jerry Dammers, Redshape, Dub Gabriel, the Echologist and more. Last Monday he released his new EP with Kode9, ‘Killing Season’ including the video ‘Devil is a Liar’ which was filmed in July 2014. Our sincere condolences go out to his family and friends, and all who have been touched by his writings and performances. His Hyperdub family will always miss him.