Joel Ford – “Breathe” (Feat. Ejecta)

Joel Ford has lent his musical expertise to projects including Autre Ne Veut and Ducktails, and he paired with Oneohtrix Point Never as Ford & Lopatin, but it has taken until this year for Ford to set out and make music on his own. We got an idea where he was going with the impressive “Connection To” earlier this year, but that doesn’t in any way prepare you for how unfathomably fucking awesome “Breathe” is. First off, that “featuring” credit is a bit of a misnomer — the song features Leanne Macomber who works as a duo with Ford under the name Ejecta — but it’s an appropriate choice too, because this is totally Ford’s show. The track appears on a mini-album titled Fugitive, due out next year. Built entirely out of samples from action movie soundtracks from the ’80s and ’90s, Ford transmutes those dated synth scores into one of the most explosive and forward-looking techno tracks of the year. Once this thing picks up steam, the pair sounds absolutely unstoppable. Listen below.

Fugitive is out next year via Driftless Recordings.

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