Morrissey’s 1984 Single Reviews From Unearthed Smash Hits Are Perfect

Back in October 1984, Morrissey did a feature with British music magazine Smash Hits where he reviewed some popular singles at the time. It was unearthed today (30 years to the day after the issue’s publication date) by Brian McCloskey, a collector of the magazines who has been uploading his archives digitally on his blog Like Punk Never Happened. It’s all pretty great. Here’s Moz on Cyndi Lauper’s “All Through The Night”: In homecountry America, Cyndi Lauper is probably filed under ‘New Wave.’ This record is grossly unmusical. Squeezing the rag dry, it is lifted yet again from her LP, She’s So Incredibly Ordinary.” Woof, Moz! Tell us how you really feel. You can check out the whole thing below to see his reviews of Siouxsie, Duran Duran, XTC, and more.

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Moz Review