Jason Lytle – “Bell’s View” (Stereogum Premiere)

Last week we heard “It Never Made A Sound,” Circulatory System’s contribution to PIAPTK’s Digital/Analog Hybrid series — high-tech singles that can be played in your CD player or on your turntable. Grandaddy’s Jason Lytle contributed a song to the project too, and it’s a good one. “Bell’s View” is a trembling piano ballad that plays like a fully organic answer to Grandaddy’s sorrowful cyborg tale “Jed The Humanoid.” It’s incredibly pretty, and if you’re a Lytle fan it will absolutely hit the spot. Listen below.

“Bell’s View” is out 12/2 in a limited run of 300 on PIAPTK. Pre-order it on “CD-Record” here, and get more info on the project here. A CD-Record seems like the kind of thing you might run across in a Grandaddy song, doesn’t it?

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