Communions – “Love Stands Still”

Last month, the young Danish band Communions released a song called “So Long Sun.” That song serves as the A-side of an upcoming 7″ — the second 7″ released by the band this year (it’s preceded by the Cobblestones EP, which came out in March). That’s the extent of the band’s discography: two 7″s released over a nine-month span. But “So Long Sun” is one of the best songs I’ve heard all year — it’s the kind of thing that portends a classic debut album. Or maybe it’s portends a quick, tragic decline ending in obscurity or lesser projects. I’m hoping for the former, obviously, but if this were a supernova moment, I wouldn’t be shocked. (Part of my trepidation owes to the fact that Communions remind me a whole bunch of the La’s and the Stone Roses: two bands who peaked very early, and left behind handfuls of tiny, insanely valuable musical gems amid a landscape of utter personal carnage.) Anyway, today we get the B-side that accompanies “So Long Sun”; it’s called “Love Stands Still,” and it too is really, tantalizingly great. Listen.

The “So Long Sun”/”Love Stands Still” 7″ is out 11/10 via Tough Love.

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