Prince Apologizes To Toronto Fans Who Waited In Line All Day For A Show That Never Happened

Prince managed to disappoint fans yesterday by not showing up for a rumored surprise show in Toronto that his camp insists was never supposed to happen. According to CBC, the confusion started after 3RDEYEGIRL’s Twitter account sent out this message on early Tuesday morning: “4th day of November, we need a purple high: OTNOROT CALLING…” (OTNOROT is Toronto backwards.) The tweet was deleted shortly after. Billboard also reports that a Ticketmaster page was set up for a show that night at Toronto’s Massey Hall, and that fans said that they saw “furniture and white flowers” enter the venue, presumably to set up for some kind of concert.

Hundreds of Toronto-based Prince fans started to line up outside of Massey Hall in the morning, and the venue even put up barricades to keep everyone in an orderly line. A CBC cameraman that managed to get inside the venue said that “a drum kit emblazoned with Prince’s famous symbol was being set up on stage.” This fuzzy image from Twitter seems to support that. Around 3:30pm, someone from Massey Hall came out and told the crowd to go home and that there would be no show.

Late last night, 3RDEYEGIRL released a statement that said the equipment that had been brought into and set up in the venue was “to rehearse lighting and sound for possible future performances.” Members of 3RDEYEGIRL also tweeted out their apologizes for the confusion:

Here are some pictures of the crowd that formed:

Prince lived in Toronto for a few years in the early 2000s. He also played a series of small secret shows in London earlier this year.

[Photo via Facebook.]