A Sunny Day In Glasgow – “Saturn Pulls Me Apart (Death Of The Unconquerable Night)”

Last month we shared the first single from A Sunny Day in Glasgow’s participation in the limited edition cassette series Sketch For Winter called “Shut Your Mouth, It’s Christmas.” Continuing to spread the Christmas cheer, A Sunny Day in Glasgow have followed up with another song from their New Christmas Classics cassette called “Saturn Pulls Me Apart (Death Of The Unconquerable Night).” As the name suggests, it’s grounded in a thick cosmic soundscape. The lead singer’s girlish vocals float aimlessly behind dreamy samples and hyperactive synths, creating a sound that matches the name of the song perfectly. Although the connection to Christmas doesn’t exactly bash you over the head in a song about outer space, you can hear the word “Christmas” faintly glistening toward the end of the track. Listen below.

Sketch For Winter I: New Christmas Classics is available now via Geographic North. Get it here.