Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

SU,D was on hiatus for Thanksgiving, so comments made since all the way back on 11/21 were eligible for this edition. Consider it This Week And Last Week’s Best And Worst Comments if you want. We are just starting our year in review series — you probably saw our 50 Best Albums Of 2014 list on Tuesday — so hopefully you are ready to argue with us for another few weeks.


#10 Country Mac | Nov 26th Score:25

Now he just has to admit it about the rest of his albums

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#9 oblivion | Nov 25th Score:25

Holy shit, that was straight from the heart, you really could feel the emotion in his voice. Powerful stuff. RIP Michael Brown.

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#8 miss_merboy | Nov 28th Score:27

yeah sure why the fuck not

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#7 el goodo | Nov 28th Score:29

This is brilliant for the following reasons:

1) The production suggests Frank has continued to experiment since Channel Orange with fantastic results. The distant backbeat, flanged vocals, and tremolo guitar create a woozy, love-drunk vibe which perfectly complements the lyrics.

2) Those lyrics…goddamn. “I could fuck you all night long from a memory alone,” “You can’t breathe if you’re dipped in gold,” “You are not on paper, you are not a copy, you’re so…thick.” This is just two stanzas, people. Somebody call the New Yorker.

3) The contrast between these stanzas demonstrates his Brian Wilson-like ability to match the melody and chord progression to the tone of the lyrics. As the narrator transitions from the insecurity and lust of the first stanza to the acceptance and admiration of the second, the melody changes from tough guy sing-speak to gentle falsetto…and at the SAME TIME, the guitar goes from diminished chords to sustained chords. Fuck.

Do we need any more reasons to be excited about this album?

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#6 Scott Lapatine | Dec 2nd Score:30

No Foo Fighters??

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Kevin Broydrick | Nov 26th Score:30

This is actually a subject of etymological debate right now Sherri. In cases like bands with a singular name, or sports teams (think, the Miami Heat were/was in Boston this weekend to face the Celtics), it is not absolutely correct or incorrect either way…

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#4 honlads | Dec 1st Score:35

Granduciel oozes class and genuineness. I’m happy for him that he has made something this year that is not only widely acclaimed, but is also resonating with so many people on a personal level. Lost in the Dream is one of the most perfect albums I’ve ever heard.

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#3 raptor jesus | Nov 26th Score:35

Also peculiar that ‘C’ is the 3rd letter of the alphabet, ‘I’ looks like a 1 and ‘A’ is the 1st letter of the alphabet.

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#2 Country Mac | Nov 21st Score:45

I could stream Blink 182 and still feel like I paid too much for it

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Kevin Broydrick | Nov 26th Score:47

I don’t know, I kind of get the feeling he created his own prison.

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#5 iheartblondie | Dec 2nd Score:-17

I’m so unapologetically bored with Kanye. I just am.

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Dan Long | Dec 2nd Score:-20

Man, this year sucked.

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Greg Kinne | Dec 4th Score:-20

Both Kozelek and The War On Drugs make music that is the aural equivalent of a silent but deadly fart.

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Jay Miller | Nov 28th Score:-21

Yeah because I am sure there is only one mother fucker on the whole planet by the name of Robert Pattinson

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Sherri Renee Riddle | Nov 26th Score:-21

Creed was…..WAS, for God’s sake. I know people will blast me for correcting the grammar, but come on….the second word is incorrect. Creed is singular, were is plural. SIGH. Going back to my vacation now.

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jesum_crow | Dec 1st Score:19

Well, ain’t that something. I’ve been an off-and-on ‘Gum commenter for years now, under a couple of different account names. In my non-internet life, I’m a lawyer working mostly in criminal appeals, and one of the cases that Mike references in the essay – wherein the Nevada Supreme Court affirmed a murder conviction and upheld the admission of violent rap lyrics – that was my case!

That being said, I really like what Mike’s written here. I more or less briefed and argued the same talking points. In my case, it was a tough argument to make, because the lyrics in question pretty closely mirrored exactly how the murder was said to have occurred, via eyewitness testimony and other evidence. Thus, prejudice was found to be outweighed by relevance. But even so, research does show that when art is offered as evidence, courts will typically treat non-rap formats with a greater deference to First Amendment protection (some of the cases that I cited involved visual art and works of written fiction, for example). And that’s not right.

Mostly, though, I just had to pop to say that my day has been made by Killer Mike giving a shout out to my case (even if not in a good way). Forgive me for bragging, but dammit, I’ve gotta do it just this once.

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