Awkward SNL Promo Confirms It’s Time For Sia To Stop Obscuring Her Face

For this album cycle, Sia made the decision to stay out of the spotlight and avoid public appearances whenever possible. This has resulted in some really great entertainment: take using 12-year-old Maddie Ziegler as her muse to create two iconic music videos, or Lena Dunham’s inspired interpretive “Chandelier” dance on Seth Meyers. But it’s also given birth to some oddities, like her weird episode of VH1’s Soundclash where she tried and failed to go all performance art, or this week’s awkward Saturday Night Live promo. She’s the musical guest on the show this weekend — and we don’t know what shape that performance will take just yet — but she only appeared in one out of the three promos alongside host Kevin Hart and cast member Kate McKinnon, when other musical guests typically stick around for all them. She appeared with a veil obscuring her face and took part in a painfully unfunny joke (which, granted, is the norm for SNL these days), but it feels like maybe she’s taken this thing too far. A simple Google search will turn up thousands of images of the singer, and once the gimmick starts getting in the way of her enjoyability as a performer, maybe it’s time to give it a rest. Check out the promo below.