Liturgy – “Quetzalcoatl”

I’ve listened to Liturgy’s upcoming third album, The Ark Work, like half a dozen times, and I’m still not sure what to make of it. It’s not “black metal” in almost any capacity, although I think you could probably put together a pretty compelling thinkpiece about it being some sort of arch deconstruction of black metal. I’m not sure that’s what they’re going for though? The words I kept underlining in my notes about the album were “DEATH GRIPS,” so take that as you will. Anyway, today Liturgy announce details of the album’s release, as well as lead single “Quetzalcoatl,” which I actually like more outside the album’s context than I do when hearing it sequenced into the whole. Hunter Hunt-Hendrix has traded his scream-y vocals for something that sorta resembles Pinback’s Rob Crow, and while drummer Greg Fox is back in the fold, the drums here sound more programmed than human to my ear. You should listen to it.

The Ark Work is out 3/24 via Thrill Jockey. Here’s the tracklist:

01 “Fanfare”
02 “Follow”
03 “Kel Valhaal”
04 “Follow II”
05 “Quetzalcoatl”
06 “Father Vorizen”
07 “Haelegen”
08 “Reign Array”
09 “Vitriol”
10 “Total War”

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