Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

On Thursday we wrote about Limp Bizkit’s Wes Borland, who seemed to be dreading his attendance at next week’s nü-metal cruise ShipRocked (“Can’t wait to see me some roided out tribal tattooed spray tanned Jell-O shot filled bohunks do their best drunk MMA impressions in the top deck mosh pit.”) This was a source of schadenfreude for those of us who reviled Limp Bizkit it in the ’90s. But yesterday the guitarist called Tom up to talk honestly about it. And that was very interesting! Borland is pretty chill about his legacy. He thinks metal is “so fucking boring” and Woodstock ’99 should’ve known to book tepid acts, not Limp Bizkit. Curiously, he thinks Fleet Foxes are “a negative influence” on music. Read the Q&A here. Neil Young, if you wanna talk we’re around until Super Bowl Halftime.


#10 Renaton | Jan 28th Score:34

“Just enter the phrase “this sick beat” into Google Image Search and see how many people have already repurposed it to their own ends.” – THAT’S BECAUSE THAT LINE IS NOT HERS TO TAKE, FOR FUCK’S SAKE. Seriously, this such an old line, how is it hers just because she used in one song? Does Kanye have the copyrights of “That don’t kill me can only make me stronger”? Sorry, Nietzsche. For some reason, the fact she did this really annoys me, and I can’t help it.

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#8 plastic pants | Jan 29th Score:35

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the face and demeanor of a man who finally got his damn croissants.

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#6 crania americana | Jan 24th Score:36

Really sad news, and I wish them both the best. That said, I’m sure we’ll get a hell of a break-up album out of it. Sure, Vulnicura might be the flavor of the moment in that respect, but keep a slot open on your year end lists, because the next Mandy Moore album is gonna be one for the ages.

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#5 Michael Nelson | Jan 29th Score:37


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Brian Rinaldi | Jan 26th Score:37

“another ugly way for Stern to reveal his barely-veiled homophobia”

If you’ve listened to the show in the past decade you’d realize Stern is an enormous and impassioned defender of equal/gay rights.

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#3 mr. mayonaise | Jan 27th Score:38

“a breeze of a record that drifts past you like summer breeze”

I hate those dorks who get in the comments section and criticize the writing like they’re at a MFA workshop, but a breeze that drifts like breeze, dude?

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#2 plb102 | Jan 25th Score:39

This comment really shows how racially tinged the word “thug” can be. What exactly did Kanye or Rihanna do to deserve to be called thugs? Think about some white starlets like Lindsay Lohan or even Miley Cyrus, both of them act way more out of hand than Rihanna. When was the last time anyone referred to one of them as a thug? Not saying we need to retire the word, but maybe consider what it means before using it and think about whether or not a person deserves is aside from being black.

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#1 Dr. Feelgood | Jan 24th Score:56

Everyone laughed at them, but the millennials were right. This McCrantey guy’s gonna be big. Two for two.

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Paula-Kent Fitzsimmons | Jan 26th Score:-13

Wow, pretty greedy of the songwriters for Tom Petty’s song. They don’t sound a bit alike. You cannot pretend to own song chord changes or time signatures. some songs are really obvious and this is not one of them. Very smart on the part of Sam Smith since he doesn’t want a lawsuit. Tom Petty is old news. Looks like he wants to ride some coat tails here of a new singer songwriter. Sam Smith has plenty more to put out there and this one will fade.

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#4 arsetothat | Jan 29th Score:-14

I wish I could downvote that whole Grammy preview. Get your shit together, dude.

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Jesse Mullen | Jan 26th Score:-16

why don’t you apologize for writing “Beverly Hills?” That shit ruins childhoods, you know…

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#2 kenthewolfboy | Jan 24th Score:-25

Holy fuck I was right he is a pussy

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Linda Wood | Jan 25th Score:-43

Sir Paul McCartney, Im so disappointed in you to by collabarating with these two thugs! You have more class than that and you certainly dont need the money, however, I dont think this song will be bringing in the dough!The only thing good that can come from this is maybe you can teach them some manners.BTW, DID SOMEONE HOLD A GUN TO YOUR HEAD OR THREATEN YOUR FAMILY TO MAKE YOU DO THIS? WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?????

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Gabe Delahaye | Jan 28th Score:1

Very excited for Spring Breakers 2.

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