Angel Haze – “Candlxs”

Is it safe to say this is the first rap song about a loving lesbian relationship? Maybe it’s not, but it’s probably the best so far. We’re used to hearing Angel Haze spit fiery bars about taboo topics like sexual assault, or defy her label by leaking her album Dirty Gold with no regard for the consequences, but on “Candlxs” she’s showing her romantic side. Haze and Ireland Baldwin have been linked together as a couple for a while now, but the rapper confirmed their status as a couple to The Independent last summer. “An interracial gay couple, I mean that’s just weird for America right now,” she said of their relationship. But despite the pressure of existing outside the cramping boundaries of heteronormativity, the two seem to be going strong. Haze begins “Candlxs” by rapping about her devotion and then shifts gears to belt a heartfelt chorus over flute-heavy production courtesy of Troy Noka. And if the track wasn’t enough to prove how lovey-dovey Haze is feeling at the moment, she also painted the cover art, which is a portrait of her and Baldwin. Listen below.

Dirty Gold is out now via Island.

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