Natalie Prass – “Why Don’t You Believe In Me” Video

Natalie Prass burst into 2015 like one of the blistering brass solos from her excellent self-titled debut album. Someone must’ve told Prass that releasing a stately country album with Broadway-leaning drama wasn’t a good idea, but her record’s triumphant reception clearly proved that her instincts are trustworthy. In the newly released video for “Why Don’t You Believe In Me,” surely someone urged Prass away from cutting up the features of her face and rearranging them in increasingly bizarre patterns — but that’s exactly what she and co-directors Erica Prince and Tiona McClodden did. And it may be unexpected as hell, but just like her record, it weirdly works. The self-doubting, fractured heart of the song — still seeking approval from a source of rejection — feels reflected in her Frankenstein-ed face. Watch it below.

(via NPR)

Natalie Prass is out now via Spacebomb.