Cayetana – “Scott Get The Van, I’m Moving” Video

There’s few things I love more than watching girls make aggressive, no-holds-barred kind of music without the presence of a single man. All-girl trios like Cayetana channel a specific kind of feminine power when it’s just the three of them churning out emotional pop punk. The Philadelphia trio was one of our 2014 Bands To Watch, and after pressing play on just one song you’ll hear the unaffected catchiness that earned them this distinction. Today they’ve dropped the video for “Scott Get The Van, I’m Moving” and it’s the perfect antidote if you’re feeling even a little rageful this post-Grammys Monday. “The hardest part of moving out, moving out, moving out / Is I remember moving in,” frontwoman Augusta Koch belts in her scratchy, warm snarl, succinctly capturing the always shitty contrast between wonderful beginnings and despairing ends in relationships. So anyone who has kicked an ex out of their apartment will identify with Cayetana’s rage while smashing up the warehouse where they’ve been performing. After watching this I’m ready to take a bat to the nearest vase myself. Check it out below.

(via NPR)

Cayetana’s debut album Nervous Like Me is out now on Tiny Engines.