Watch Another Creepy Trailer For Justin Vernon’s Eaux Claires Festival

A few days ago Justin Vernon, Aaron Dessner and their fairly extensive collective of musical friends and collaborators began rolling out the lineup for their inaugural Eaux Claires festival. Included in the materials were two mysterious videos of scrambled vocal samples and VCR-addled colors. Today, a third has been released, continuing in the same spoken-word and beat poetry milieu. Perhaps these will all tie together into some sort of clue regarding the festival? Could it be the first work of yet another Vernon-approved band? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Between this and Mac DeMarco’s creepy Coachella vid, it looks like we’re in for a year of very bizarre festival experiences, or at least a lot of down-pitched vocal sampling. I guess once Beyoncé does something, it really does become ubiquitous. You can watch it and check out a full transcript of the text below.

Summer taunts the weak. Morning glories rise early like pious old women to prayer, pale purple and cool to the touch. But by midmorning faith fails them; they purse their lips and retire frowning to their clinging vines. In the meantime, summer has taken over the day, driving sheep to shade. Sparrows wallow in the dust, and horses stand wide-legged and motionless, heads down. She has built a heavy heat, summer, a heat with momentum. Momentum to carry well into the night, where it will pad the air, squat above the sheets, dim the stars.

Eaux Claires Festival will take place on 7/17-18 in Eau Claires, WI.