Waxahatchee – “Fish Eyes” (Bottomless Pit Cover)

Bottomless Pit are the Chicago band that formed from the ashes of the excellent, unsung ’90s indie rock act Silkworm, after that band’s drummer, Michael Dahlquist, was killed in a car crash in 2005. Bottomless Pit are excellent and unsung, too, and you should get to know their catalog if you don’t. (Their last was 2013’s Shade Perennial, but I recommend starting with 2007’s cathartic Hammer Of The Gods and working your way forward. They’re all great.) Waxahatchee is the musical alias of Katie Crutchfield, responsible for one of 2013’s best albums, Cerulean Salt, and one of 2015’s best albums, the forthcoming Ivy Tripp. Today via her Tumblr, Crutchfield released a lo-fi acoustic cover of the Bottomless Pit song “Fish Eyes,” from their fucking great 2008 EP, Congress. Bottomless Pit’s music is a dense thicket of ragged guitars and crashing drums, belying the crushing sadness at the heart of their songs, but Crutchfield strips this thing to its absolute essence and fully conveys those emotions with no barrier. It is a beautiful song in both forms, and you should listen to it. First up is the Waxahatchee version; below that, the original. Listen.

(Photo by Jesse Riggins)