Dane Terry – “Kids” (Stereogum Premiere)

Dane Terry’s voice warbles with the kind of warm uncertainty I’ve always loved in a vocalist. Hesitant in tone only, he plows through the cinematic landscape of “Kids” with the steady hand of a composer, eager to conduct the chromatic time warp back to childhood. This song lurches through Elton John balladry, psychedelic fuzziness, imposing female harmonies and, above all, Terry’s voice leading the way past the scorched earth of memory, back to when we did not yet understand our own innocence. “We are just kids/ Summer ain’t ever gonna end,” he sings, channeling the kind of assurance you can only have before time teaches you that forever is a fallacy. “Kids” feels like flipping through channels on your TV, and landing on one that’s inexplicably showing home videos of your own family. It’s uncanny but also oddly familiar, like a memory you forgot you had. Listen below.

Check out the full tracklist for Color Movies:
01 “Eagles”
02 “Normal At Last”
03 “Kids”
04 “Fighter”
05 “The Working Class”
06 “Moonshiner’s Boy”
07 “House That Harry Built”
08 “Clown”
09 “My Baby Don’t Wanna Know”
10 “Volton Destroyer Of Stars”
11 “Game Day”

Color Movies is out 3/24 on Tonk Records.

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