Good Morning Egg Miracle

Good morning. It’s the morning, so here is a video about eggs. “Kelly, just because it’s the morning doesn’t mean we’re going to care about a video about eggs.” Oh, really? Well you don’t even know what the video is about yet. Maybe you are going to care about it. Maybe it’s going to be about how eggs develop, which would be very gross but probably interesting to watch. Or about a statue made of egg shells. You have no idea. I’ll tell you what it’s about right now, though. You may have guessed already from the image associated with this post but hold on a second, gosh, just cool it down for one second it’s just so early in the morning, I don’t know where you’re getting the energy for this. What did you have for breakfast this morning? An egg with a double yolk? A whole carton of eggs with double yolks? Well, first of all, I think you’re lying. I doubt you ate a whole carton of eggs this morning and even if you did I highly doubt they were all double yolks. But maybe SOMEONE had a whole carton of eggs with double yolks this morning, that they did or did not eat afterwards. I don’t know, I’m just saying that someone maybe had that. And by “this morning” I mean “a morning.” And by all of these words I mean “watch this video.”

Were you in suspense until the end? It’s a good payoff at the end. “Hah.”

The woman in the video, a cake decorator from Rochdale, spoke with the Manchester Evening News about this occurrence and this is an interesting thing in that article:

“I have probably used thousands of eggs and have never ever seen one double yolk before.”

According to the the British Egg Information Service the chance of getting a double yolk is one in 1,000.

That seems untrue to me. Not that I think it’s a lie by Big Egg, but I’ve certainly gotten a double yolk more than once in the past. It doesn’t seem like such a rarity. Is there an egg scientist in the house? Is there a math scientist in the house? I would say your chance of getting a double yolk is “kind of decent.” One in 500. That would be my guess.

Also, “buy organic.”

Also, “lorries.” (Via Arbroath.)