Zune, Portable Music Player, Dead At 4

Hello. My name is Shell and I am a civil celebrant. On behalf of Gabe and Videogum,  I welcome every one of you to this celebration of the life of Zune. He was born November 4th, 2006  in Redmond, Washington and passed March 15th, 2011. It means a great deal to them that you have come to join them in the bittersweet experience of recalling his four short years on this earth. Your presence here is important, for it is the memory of the friends who stood by them during this time that will be a source of strength and consolation to them later on, during those inevitable moments of grief and emptiness.

I’d like to recite a short poem about Zune:

Zune loved
fm radio, fabric knotted headphones
trailing behind apple
hardware updates all unknowns
wifi coverage just mediocre
in every neck of the woods
so says Al Roker
some say he killed the Kin
those ads were awful
not exactly a sin

Most of us would collapse under the weight of these challenges that faced Zune. But, he was so much more than his flawed hardware conveyed.  Zune accepted his challenge of competing with the iPod in the same way he did everything: by failing miserably.  His smile was like the sun coming out from behind a cloud, warming all that it touches. Zune conveyed more joy, contentment and hope than anything we could have imagined possible.  He came to this earth to teach each of us different lessons.  Learn from him, strive to be like him.  Do not let his legacy end. Talk about how his life was short, but touched many. Zune will always live on in our hearts and minds.

A special thank you to Michael, Jessica, and John for their contributions to the Videogum Zune Tip Memory Fund.