After Last Season Leaves Audiences With More Questions Than Answers

“A total mindfuck.” – Brian, Austin, Texas

“Amazingly bad.” – Lake, Rochester, New York

So last week, even though it kind of felt like torture, I begged any readers living in one of the four cities where the strange new movie/internet trailer sensation After Last Season was screening starting last Friday to send in their impressions of the film if they just happened to be seeing it anyway. Here are their reactions to a movie that seems even more mysterious now than it did when it was just a trailer (and a video I found of a bunch of guys right after they saw the movie — an After Last Season Parking Lot, if you will).


Okay, so me and a ladyfriend went to see this movie in Austin Tx. and it was a total mindfuck. It can really only be described as a lesson in self control because at first, I wanted to leave, then I wanted to scream at the movie, then it became funny, and then it reached that level where it crawls under your skin and agitatates you with the questions that rise from having been witness to it.

My friend described the plot in three words: Ghost foils murders.

Verdict: I think its a hoax. But what are they trying to pull? Why are they trying to trick me? I think they set out to make a cult hit by purposefully making it crazy. Here are some reasons:

1) This is the main actors Resume:

Crazy Ice Cream man is one of his roles as my friend pointed out? Just too good to be true. Geocities site? Really? These guys are the kings. Brilliant.

2) This Mark Region guy claims to have spent ten years and five million dollars making this. No chance. Unless hookers+blow.

3) There is a scene where the dialogue plays out like this:

Woman 1, looking at tree: “My husband saw a coyote over there once. It stayed for a little while, then it went away.”

This is in connection with nothing else and then they move on.

This was when the funny aspect sank in.

4) The sets are covered in computer paper and there are signs everywhere that make no sense, such as Laboratory experiment this way, and then underneath something hand scrawled that says “Pineapple Club.” Best. Non Sequitur. ever.

There has to be more to this story and right now it is driving me crazy.


so yeah, i definitely saw after last season last friday. i live in rochester and a buddy of mine had been telling me we were going to go see the most amazing movie at tinsletown which is known for a few massive digital and imax theatres.

long story short, i saw it, it was amazingly bad, i laughed extremely hard at parts, its a singular movie experience that everyone must see. not really, it was pretty bad. and long.

and also in a bizarre twist of fate when the movie ended and we turned around to find jason kulas, the lead actor, himself was the only other person in the whole dang theatre. he told me i better drop you guys a line so you dont go thinking its all a hoax.

And here’s a funny video of a bunch of stoned guys who had just seen the movie in Lancaster, CA. “40% of the movie was MS Paint-style graphics.”:

(Video via Filmmaker Mag.) Having not seen the movie, I can’t speak to whether or not it’s a hoax (a lot of people seem to think Spike Jonze is somehow involved, though I’m pretty sure he’s been kind of busy lately). Two of the actors, the aforementioned Jason Kulas, and Scott Winters have been bombarding every site that mentions the film, claiming that it was real and explaining in excruciating detail how the movie was filmed (Jason Kulas’s Facebook page has tons of details on that.) But the film’s director, who the actors confirmed is not really improbably named “Mark Region,” has for the most part stayed out of the debate. The movie almost seems too weird and random to be a hoax — the most famous cult worst movies, The Room and Troll 2, were very simple. Very simply terrible. But from everything I’ve read and seen so far, I definitely want to see this movie asap. That coyote quote alone was hilarious. (If you have any insights — especially into the hoax theory, send ‘em here!)