These Are Your Feet (The Piano Feet)

This is a new viral marketing attempt put out by a real shoe company called Terra Plana. Try to pay attention to what it’s really about (I bet you can’t):

Look, I’m not one of those fancy weekly pedicure chicks. I work for a living. And I understand that these are probably the feet of hippie dudes, and that both hippies and dudes probably have their own standards of foot care and hygiene that totally work for them. Just don’t put them on the back of my headrest during a midnight screening of Grizzly Man and I’m fine. We’re all on our own journeys, foot-wise. But as the saying goes, owners of these video marketing commercial feet: YOU’RE ON TV. You are, in fact, foot models. Do whatever you need to do to prepare your feet for their close-up. (Also, ahhhhh, groooossss! Had to get that out.)

Of course, this kind of seventh-grade-mean-girl blog tantrum about these people’s gross feet was probably exactly what the SHOE COMPANY was hoping for when they made this, so what looks like a viral marketing FAIL is, as usual, viral marketing FTW. Go get some hippie shoes, hippies!