KY Intense Is Scientifically Proven To Make Everyone A Little Uncomfortable

There are three new commercials for KY Intense, which is a gel that they say makes the female of even the most “reserved couples” [foghorn] so [quittin’-time-whistle] [Old Faithful geyser] that her folded socks blow right off her feet. Just another reason to fear watching prime time family hour TV with your parents or someone you’re on a first date with.

Who doesn’t fold their socks? Or at least try to? I understand ironing socks being a strange confession, but folding? Folding means rolling one into the other, right? I’m kind of obsessed with this. It’s like saying “I make my bed every day. I do. I’m reserved.” Anyway, orgasms:

I know the “long awkward silence” is so totally played out (somebody please tell Seth McFarlane!) but in this commercial, it’s actually funny, maybe because of the awkward subject matter:

And they also made a caucasian one:

Oh yeah, and what is the significance of the geyser, KY people? This whole thing reminds me of a scene in an old black-and-white movie called The Naked Gun that I’ll tell you about when you’re a little older.