Good Morning America’s “Sexting” Town Hall Meeting Was Both Awkward And Sensational

This morning Good Morning America gathered adults, teens, and the lady from The Onion News Network (right?) together to talk about the “epidemic” of “sexting” (minors sending illicit photos to each other.) It was “infotainment” at its best. I know this is a real problem for teens, because it’s on the news all day every day, but this segment had all the elements (sex, nudity, death, gossip, humiliation) of an episode of Gossip Girl:

“Are we giving our children too many pieces of technology?” Yep. That’s the unit of technology, the “piece.” Also, it seems like, for the parents who only heard stories of sexting happening to other people’s kids, hearing those stories was the most interesting thing to happen in their lives in a long, long time. (Anyway, moral of the story: don’t give anyone a naked picture of yourself. Duh and done.)