SNL Just The Funny Parts: Gerbils

This was a great week for SNL on the musical guest front. I haven’t been excited to see an SNL musical guest since I was fourteen, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs did not disappoint (and in fact delighted. Spoiler alert: “Maps”!) The rest of the show was so-so, however, but not because of Zac Efron, who was actually pretty great. The whole time I was like “That very famous young man about whom I know three keywords and nothing else certainly has a sense of humor about his place in the world!” The funniest three sketches, after the jump.

3. The return of the Celebrity Blogger from (Yes, that URL is owned by NBC, though it would be cooler of them to do something with it). This one wasn’t bad!:

2. Cool Bar. It’s like the saloon in Kid Nation:

1. High School Musical 4: an almost perfect sketch.”When you sing to yourself in bed…people can hear you!”:

(Nope, no Gilly. Gilly is the worst. Gilly must die.) But the best part of the show was the Yeah Yeah Yeahs! Stereogum has the video of both performances. (Next week on SNL: The Best Of Amy Poehler!)