So What Did We Think Of Parks And Recreation?

Parks And Recreation, the show about you already know everything it’s about starring you already know who it stars, premiered last night. (If you missed it, the full episode is on Hulu.) It seems like the general consensus is “This pilot wasn’t straight-up hilarious or ground-breaking but it wasn’t bad, and the characters show potential” along with the usual worries about where the show can go with its premise. It seems like we all want this show, and the actors and writers behind it, to succeed. Personally, I thought the funniest part of the pilot was Rashida Jones’s character’s boyfriend and his “itch stick,” and the funniest main character was Aziz Ansari as Tom, Amy Poehler’s “redneck” colleague. And I think we all breathed a sigh of relief (and laughed) when it became clear that Leslie Knope isn’t the little miss perfect she seemed in the show’s promos. I mean, she couldn’t be, for the show to work, but it was still a relief when it was revealed that she gets trashed at office parties, and is crazy obsessed with a coworker who forgot about their one-night-stand, like when we found out Tracy Flick slept with her teacher.

I’m still a little dubious about the premise — I know it’s unimaginative, but I find local government to be immensely boring. (Yes, more boring than a paper company…in England, or a spinoff of a show I loved about a paper company in England, smartalecks.) But I think with the talent involved, the show will do well if they’re allowed to take risks the way The Office has. Speaking of, did anybody notice that last night both The Office and Parks And Recreation featured the pixelated crotch nudity of their respective main characters? Synergy! So, comment party: what did you guys think?