The Onion’s Todd Hanson Explains Hate-Nerds

This is a clip from an upcoming documentary called The People Versus George Lucas, about Star Wars fans who don’t like George Lucas. This clip is only a minute long and cuts off at an odd place, but it’s still funny and insightful: Onion head writer Todd Hanson explains why true Star Wars nerds have to hate Star Wars:

Exactly! This is why it bugs me when my friends say “Why do you hate SNL so much?” I’m always like are you kidding me? I LOVE SNL. The moment in 1990 when I discovered SNL was the most important moment of my childhood. I just hold it to a very high standard. And now I have a name for it: I’m an SNL hate-nerd. Thanks, Todd Hanson for articulating that idea so well. (I don’t give a shit about Star Wars, however.)