30 Rock: Muppets, Lemon’s Secret Past, And YouTube

As Barack Obama might say: “Look, it’s hard to write about 30 Rock. It’s just the best show. Just watch it.” So in the spirit of our new-ish President, just go watch 30 Rock already. There are muppets, and an old embarrassing video of Liz, and the funniest line (or a really funny line) was Jack’s list of things he wanted to do before he turned 50:

“Go to Disneyland, ride in an airplane, kiss Peggy Fleming, live in a house with stairs, beat up a Russian, hit mom with a car.”

(Or possibly when Tracy quoted Robert Browning.) It was all great: watch. the. show. Okay, now, here’s an old man on YouTube who loves 30 Rock as much as we do:

Yay! Also from this episode, you know how Jack says he has “a Google News alert for “Tracy Jordan Ridiculous Disaster”? Over 3700 results already.