Nightline’s Hilarious “Does Satan Exist?” Debate

Last night, ABC’s Nightline, best known recently for Salma Hayek breastfeeding, gathered together a bunch of crazy people and Deepak Chopra to try to solve the mystery of whether Satan exists. It was a constant laugh-riot, and I recommend you all just watch the entire thing (which is provided below), but also here’s a highlight and a disturbing YouTube response from a guy whose only problem with this vaudevillian sideshow is the fact that one of the Satan-believers referred to Jesus as a “dude.”

When it comes to debates about the existence of Satan, it ain’t over ’til the hooker cries. (Also: that dogmatic audience member is your girlfriend):

Part 1 (mostly setting up the guests):

Part 2 (the good part!):

And this YouTube guy is super pissed that the pastor called Jesus a “dude.” (He also opposes calling Jesus “homie” or “cuz”).

Thanks for the laughs, Nightline. I especially liked the end of part 2, when the Hooker For Jesus says “the greatest achievement of satan is to make ‘em believe he’s not real.” Next week, Nightline’s Face-Off series will take on the subject of whether or not Keyser Sose exists.