Stephen Colbert Said “Twat” On The Today Show

After a delightful interview promoting his role in Monsters And Aliens, in which Stephen wished harm upon Matt Lauer (“Every year I get this thrill of excitement when I think maybe you’ve lost Matt Lauer”) and ridiculed Meredith for suggesting he was an egomaniac (“Have you seen my show? Have you been listening to this interview?”) But the best part was the only part NBC edited out of the interview before putting it online: the end, when, in preparation for the next dumb segment about Twitter, Meredith asks Stephen if he’s ever Twittered and Stephen smiles an impish grin and says “I’ve twatted.”:

I like how Meredith tries to save it by saying “Actually, so have I,” but then goes back to whispering “Oh my god”:

Here’s the entire interview, minus that part, which they just totally cut out:

Saying “twatted” on live network TV probably doesn’t break any FCC rules (and it’s the oldest Twitter joke in the book), but the censorship actually makes them look more guilty. Congratulations to Stephen. That stunt was clearly planned.