George Clooney Can Drunk Vlog All He Wants

George Clooney is in Chad, helping people, and he made this vlog about the gross bathroom he has to use in Chad, and then…well…just watch:

What? Okay, as a person who loves George Clooney unconditionally, and who sometimes finds a small comfort in the notion that no matter how bad things get, George Clooney is somewhere out there in the world, being the sanest one, the only conclusion I can draw from this is that the medium of vlogging makes anybody act like a weird ‘tween. That, and despite the less-than-ideal bathroom conditions, there is alcohol (and possibly pot?) available to George Clooney in Chad. And George Clooney watches Andy Rooney. (Swooney.) So this video is a good thing, really. It is. It’s another side of Clooney. Shut up, it’s great, the end. Don’t judge. (But “Why can’t my hair last?” should be the new “Is this real life?”)