This Video Is Dirty (In China)

There’s a really cool article in the New York Times about how Chinese internet citizens are getting around their government’s draconian web censorship with a double entendre-laden story about a “grass mud horse,” a phrase that, when written, sounds innocent, but when spoken aloud sounds like what the Times calls “an especially vile obscenity.” One of the fruits of the grass mud horse anti-censorship movement is this video of Alpacas chewing while children sing song that sounds very very dirty in Chinese. The Times won’t say what the obscenities are (irony?), so I looked them up.

The children are singing about grass mud horses (“Fuck Your Mother”) who live in a desert (“Your Mother’s C-word”) (ha), and defeat the river crabs (a word synonymous with “censorship.”) Do you know what this means? It means YouTube is IMPORTANT. (Read the whole article, though, despite the censorship, it’s fascinating.)