Hey, Let’s All Watch Ted Haggard Complain About His Shitty Life

When I found out that there was going to be a documentary on HBO tonight about disgraced hypocrite Ted Haggard (Jesus Camp) who used to be a big fancy megachurch preacher and BFF with George Bush until it came out that he had regular sex with a male prostitute and also did crystal meth, I will admit: I was full of glee. Ted Haggard’s fall from power felt a lot like pretty, pretty justice in 2006, and the parts where he kept making up 4-year-old-level lies like “I bought the drugs, but then I threw them away” until he finally couldn’t lie anymore were simply comedy gold.

BUT NOW OBAMA IS PRESIDENT and the world is a kinder place.

Ted Haggard is a broken man. He’s a pariah. He can barely support his family as an unsuccessful traveling insurance salesman. And he feels compassion for other human beings and tries not to judge others now. So that means the glee is dead. Yesterday’s Oprah was devoted to Haggard, who promoted the HBO documentary and talked about his life, which was sort of odd because the documentary itself is only 41 minutes long. Anyway, Alexandra Pelosi’s documentary, The Trials Of Ted Haggard, airs tonight at 8pm on HBO. Here’s the trailer:

I hate to say this, but poor guy. (Ted will also appear on Larry King Live immediately following the documentary.)