Mark Gormley Talks About His Internet Fame; Remains Adorable And Grounded

Oh my gosh! It’s been less than two weeks since the Greatest Tipster In The World, Denise, discovered the unknown YouTube videos of one Mark Gormley and sent them to us, prompting this blogger to ask the universe for my heart’s desire: “Mark Gormley for most famous YouTube star of January, 2009, please.” (If you haven’t seen those videos, go watch them there now.)

Well, since then, Mr. Gormley has been enjoying the whirlwind of comments, emails, and offers from the Jimmy Kimmel show that internet fame entails. Today, the YouTube channel that Mr. Gormley appears on, The Uncharted Zone in Pensacola, FL, posted this interview with him about his newfound international fame, his musical influences, and what he’s looking for in a significant other. SPECIAL VIDEOGUM NOTE: Since we usually make fun of almost everything here, I’d like to state officially for the record that there’s nothing to make fun of about this guy. He’s doing what he loves, for the right reasons, and as this interview shows, nobody in the history of internet fame has ever seemed like less of a douchebag about it than Mark Gormley. Just listen to this guy. He is the best:

“I’m just little old me from Pensacola, Florida.” What a fantastic story. I hope The Jimmy Kimmel Show doesn’t go to his head (it seems unlikely), and that all of his dreams come true. This is great.