30 Rock: Crazy Bra Lady

The relationship between Liz Lemon and Jack Donaghy is the most interesting and complicated relationship on TV. (No doi!) As funny as it is when Tracy Jordan utters one of his idiot savant one-liners or Kenneth gives us more insight into his strange childhood by reciting a squirrel recipe or something, all that “back at the office” stuff is really just filling the time between Liz and Jack’s scenes. That 30 Rock’s “filler” could be the second best show on TV (and maybe will one day in spinoff form) is just more evidence that this show is the best. This episode was similar to the high school reunion episode in that once again Jack and Liz went off by themselves to have their friendship tested and prove their loyalty. And once again, the loyalty-proving part involved a microphone and a stage.

Liz accompanies Jack to the Six Sigma conference for GE’s best and brightest (which is a real thing), where she joins his team at L.U.N.C.H. (Lego Utilization for Negating Crisis Hierarchies), using legos to assemble an object that only Jack can see. This is notable for two reasons: a Glengarry Glen Ross reference, and Robot Penis:

Liz and Jack’s friendship falls on hard times, and Judy Blume gets referenced in prime time:

When Jack leaves his mic on while giving himself a pep talk backstage, Liz distracts the audience the only way she knows how (Liz Lemon the character’s obsession with showing her boobs is so weird and funny):

(Other highlights: Frank and Jenna hook up and Jenna says “Now Dog The Bounty Hunter is the second grossest guy I’ve been with.” And Tracy Morgan refuses to eat vegetables by saying “N.O.E.: No! E!”)